OUR process


How we do it

We like to think of ourselves as the ship builders and you as the sailors. With your help, we’ll build the ship so you can sail more smoothly. Don’t get too comfortable though, we’ll take you along for the ride. You—the brand creator, the dreamer, the big idea conceiver—are an integral part of the process.



step 1


It’s a loaded word. Some say it begins and ends with your logo. But we think that’s a little short-sighted. Your brand is your voice, your social media presence, your photography, your business card, your Facebook profile, your favicon. It’s even an email to a reader. In short, it’s anything you touch. But defining your brand is far from easy. To complicate things further, your brand is alive. It’s organic. It’s growing. And from time to time, it changes. But under all of that, you have a core. We begin the process by defining just that, your core. After a thorough site analysis and a thought provoking questionnaire, we’ll give you a 1-2 sentence branding statement as well as branding words (words people may use to describe your brand). Understanding your core will help you make informed decisions as you grow, create content, and pair with other brands. It will also inform the remainder of the design process. Branding is an essential part of this process; it will help your potential clients recognize your service and products in the market.

step 2


Everyone’s favorite part of the process—the logo. The first impression. The memory maker. The face of your brand. While this mark won’t tell your entire story, it will get the conversation started. During this phase of the process, you’ll create a secret Pinterest board with your favorite logos, colors, sites, and designs to give us an idea of your style. We’ll design three initial logos. From there, you’ll have three rounds of revisions to get it perfected. The best part of this is that you will be included in logo design and your ideas will be taken into consideration.

step 3


At this point, we hop on a phone call with you to map out your new site. To keep things interesting and more importantly to meet your needs, we offer 7 different layouts for you to choose from. As we begin to design, we’ll pull from your branding statement to make sure we’re highlighting your unique content. We’ll use your logo to carry out the remainder of the visual site design. You’ll receive one initial option, two rounds of revisions, and three fully designed pages. Your project moves quickly from here. Our web designers fully customize the look of the site based on the client’s needs. We will provide you the latest trends.

step 4


Once the site has a spiffy new design, the build begins. We create a custom child theme for your site, matching every detail of the site design. You won’t see much of this process, just know some magical things are happening on our end. During this time, we will also make sure you are getting your site ready with featured images and categories. If anything else needs to be added, then make sure to point it out. After all we are building the site for your need, not ours.

step 5


The most exciting time! We plan out a time with you to take your site into maintenance mode and install the custom theme along with any pages and side bar elements we designed for you. Think of this time as a glamorous make over and at the end we spin the chair around for you to see the beautiful new look. We work with you during this time to make sure all the elements are there. Once the new look is completed and gets the okay, we pull the maintenance screen for the world to see! The site launching may depend on your requirements and how much time we need to complete all the tasks.