Do you only design food blogs?

Nope. We design all things creative from blogs to small business.

Do you only work with wordpress?

Yes. Right now for full design projects we are currently only working with users of wordpress.org.

How long does a full redesign take?

A full redesign will take about 2 months to complete. However, this varies from client to client based on your needs.

I want to stay with my current hosting provider. Can you still redesign my site?

Yes. Prices and times may vary, but we have you covered.

I don't want full redesign, just a couple of cosmetic changes. Can you help with that?

Due to demand, we are only taking on a small amount of changes like header designs and recipe pages. For questions, send us an inquiry and we’ll let you know!

What theme/layout will you work with?

We build our themes on Pagelines because it gives us more options to offer to you.  This versatile theme enables us to alter the layout drastically with a few clicks of a button allowing us to focus on the design and overall style of your site.

Do you offer hosting?

Not at this time but we do offer help to get you set-up and running on your very own hosting solution.

Will my site work on all browsers?

Because of increasing technology, we only offer a guarantee of the two most recent versions of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE). We often recommend that when doing a redesign that you remind users to keep their browsers updated. It’s always surprising how many people are using IE 7 (when IE is on 10).



Will i lose all my old links when i switch platforms?

When coming from a site.wordpress.com or site.blogspot.com, your links will change. However, we will do a simple redirect causing every link to point to your new site. WordPress.com charges $12 a year for this service.

Will you help me buy my URL?

Yes. While we can’t directly buy your URL for you*, we will walk you through every step of the way. We recommend going through Google Apps free version which will guide you in buying, setting up emails, and give you access to google calendars. Already own a domain but want to hop on the google bandwagon?  No problem, we can help you do that too.

*The reason we don’t buy your domain is simple: if we buy it, we own it. If you ever leave our services, we’ll have to go through domain transfer and frankly, we’d rather not deal with that pain (not that we want you to ever leave our services).

What happens to my images if i switch services?

If you are currently on wordpress, they come with you but stay linked to your old wordpress site. If you use a service through google or yahoo (flickr), there are plug-ins to help manage your photos.

I'm a food blogger. Why should i use a recipe plug-in?

Recipe plug-ins help with SEO (search engine optimization) pulling your recipes higher in the search rankings, complete with a photo. Ultimately this will drive more traffic to your site.