How to earn money from sponsored posts?

How to earn money from sponsored posts?

One of the most popular ways to make money from blogging is featuring sponsored posts. But, not everyone is willing to talk about this topic. In the case, the primary goal is to get a link from your blog to a client. Sponsored posts are also one of the most effective ways to earn money and there a couple of reasons for that: a lot of people are looking to buy sponsored posts, it doesn’t require too much work and can pay off very well. But, this process also has some drawbacks: if you are being paid and you don’t mark the link as nofollow, then you can get in trouble with Google and sometimes it’s hard to connect with clients.

The types of sponsored posts

There are two types of sponsored posts, and they depend on your clients’ needs. They could require:

Access to your audience, for instance, the client may want a sponsored post, where you will promote his company to review his products.

A link on your site. The client doesn’t care about your blog posts and things you are writing about, as long as the link fits naturally in the content.

In some cases, clients may be interested in both things.

How can you make your blog appealing to clients?

For clients who are looking for a link on your blog, the following features are essential:

Sponsored postThe domain of your blog – if your domain authority is over 30, then you will have more opportunities. If it’s lower, then you can always find new ways to make it higher it.

Your blog is up to date – you don’t have to publish every day, but your content should be fresh. For example, once in two weeks should be enough, but if you want excellent results, then you should focus on your content more.

Your blog is professional – the blog doesn’t have to resemble the professional company, to look professional. For instance, it should load in reasonable timeframe, not covered in ads and be easy to manage and navigate.

How to find clients?

This is a tricky part, and we would say the most demanding one, but there are a couple of ways that can help you acquire new clients. For apparent reasons, bloggers are very hesitant to share their information on the web, but you can always share contacts with other bloggers, have a “work with me” page and use some sites to connect with potential clients. Bloggers can buy a list of contacts and the best part about buying a list is that you only have to sell a couple of sponsored posts to earn your money back. After that, it is all profit.

Four reasons to delete old drafts?

Four reasons to delete old drafts?

In the last couple of years, Google has stepped up his game, and site owners now have to be very careful, if they want to achieve excellent results. Somehow, we focused more on SEO and neglected some essential features that help our website function. In this case, every site owner should go through his database to get rid of the dead weight. You would be surprised who this simple action can boost up your web page and make it more productive. So, here are a couple of reasons why you should delete the old drafts.

It will help you prioritize your marketing tactics

This step will help you deiced what’s essential and what needs to go. For example, od you want to re-engage the old leads before they become too stale, or do you want to focus more on new ones. Do you have to register the leads? In this case, you might want to start with those that haven’t been registered and then start with those that are expired or are expiring soon. Don’t be afraid to make a change, if you stick to old patterns, then you may as well end up being outdated, and visitors will stop making traffic.

Stop wasting time on old leads

When you are going through old drafts, you may find some niches that aren’t popular today or don’t attract a lot of attention. Maybe at some point, they caused a lot of hype, but that’s not the case now. In this case, you should find new content for your site that will generate new leads and make a conversion. We aren’t saying you should delete everything, just posts that are useless and that slow down the loading time of your website. You should know that loading time is an essential feature and it should be less than a second.

If it’s drafted, then delete it

website draft deleteMany people like to keep drafts for some unknown reason. If you haven’t published the post, then it’s something wrong with it. So, there is no reason for keeping it. If you aren’t sure whether you want to delete it permanently or keep it, then go through your post one more time and weight the pros and cons. Don’t leave it to hang there for a long time. You will forget about it, and you will accumulate more drafts over the time, which can significantly increase the loading time.

It will increase productivity

Once you have a clean database; your work will be more organized, and you will be able to focus on more important content. Without old drafts dragging you down, you can relax and think about new things that you are going to write. Even though, the SEO is an important feature, so is your loading time. If visitors wait too long to enter your site, then they will lose interest, which means your traffic will suffer. You should work on your productivity, instead of keeping the old drafts.

The best food photography lighting ideas

The best food photography lighting ideas

Food photography is trendy nowadays, and many site and blogs feature this type of posts. However, not everyone can make a good photo. No matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to deliver the delicious look of the food, if you don’t use the appropriate techniques. In this case, lighting plays a significant role in this process. It might take you some time to understand how it works, but, once you figure out, you will create stunning photos. Here are a couple of ideas which can help you in this creative process.

Used diffused window lighting

In most cases, direct sunlight is too harsh and can’t deliver excellent results. So, if you are taking a photo of food on a sunny day, then it’s better if you could diffuse it. You should have the window at your side or behind the food. You can also add a couple of modifications to get better photos. For example, you can use a sheer white curtain to diffuse the intense rays of the sun coming through a window. Or, you can install parchment paper to decrease the intensity of the light. Shutting all other sources of light in the area is essential. Otherwise, you will have mixed lighting. Make sure to set up white reflector opposite of the window, to bring back some details if needed. Mirrors and tin foil can add some stunning highlight to the food.

Pay attention to the angle

Food photographyAs you adjust the angle, you will notice how shadows can affect your photo. To avoid further complications, you should position the food first, then move around to find the best angle for your image. The next step should be diffusing the light, adding reflectors and mirrors. For extra variety, you can shoot handheld because it allows you to experiment with different angles.

On the other hand, if you aren’t skilled at shooting pictures handheld, you can always use a tripod. It will provide you extra stability, and you won’t have to worry whether your photos will be blurry. Just make sure to make a couple of test images before you proceed further.

Get close

This is an excellent idea for photographers, and you should try to get close to your food. In this way, the final photo will remind the viewers how the dish would look like, just before they dive in. Also, you can capture the beauty of every meal if you decide to get close. Details are significant and people who are reading your blog or website, want to see everything. If your meal looks stunning in person, then close up approach will only make it even better.

Web design office trends for 2018

Web design office trends for 2018

Regardless of the job position, it evident that a vast majority of people spends a lot of time in the office. Maybe, even more, time than they do at home. That’s why it’s essential to make this space as convenient as possible. It will not only provide you comfort but also inspire you to perform better work. The entire IT sector has adopted a new concept of decorating offices, where everything is subordinated to the worker. They encourage positive environment, which leads to happiness, productivity, and collaboration. So, here are some trends that might be interesting in 2018.

Dynamic office space

This is still a hot trend, and now many companies are interested in exploring the flexible working area. When it comes to dynamic office space, minimal restrictions are unique features of this type of office design. In this case, employees determine how and where they work. Considering the office setup, furniture can be moved or rearranged easily, and this is very convenient for the employees because they don’t have to depend on standard working space. For example, you can place couches or lazy bags all over the office, so workers can sit and work on their laptops.

Include an interactive office space

Interactive office spaceIn the future, millennials will make our workforce, and they are accustomed to working on the computers. One of the main features of one web design studio should have an interactive office space. This means an open floor plan, where they are close and can share their ideas openly. This can be very beneficial for the entire company and their employees, workers, will brainstorm ideas, complement each other and improve faster. The open floor plan may include desks, couches, chairs, and also wall art and motivational messages to inspire web designers.

Make sure to feature playing area

After long working hours, people like to relax and take some time to gather their thoughts. This is one of the reasons why many web design companies have adopted Google’s concept. Every section of the company should have a playing area. This feature can be very beneficial because web design requires a lot of creativity, so people need to make a break from time to time. In this case, they can just lay around, play video games, eat or talk to other people, all in a purpose of increasing productivity and creativity.

Website photo size matters

Website photo size matters

CMS has made a significant improvement in managing and building of websites. In the past, web designers had to have an excessive knowledge of HTML, just to change one line in the post. Now, we have a system like WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify that have to change the ways we think and operate. In fact, these platforms changed the entire game of web development. While many people think web design and easy and anyone can do it, in fact, it requires a lot of time and skills. But, for people who do have sites or know how to operate one, we are going to share some interesting ideas about photo size.

One size doesn’t fit all

You may often hear a question, what size should my photos be. The problem with this question is there are multiple answers. There is no one universal size, and it depends from website to website. It is similar to the frame you hang on the wall. You can’t expect that 4×6 photo fits your 8×10 frame. The same goes for the web page; you can’t upload an image that isn’t matched correctly and look great on your site.

Make a difference between size and dimension

Size mattersThere two independent features you need to pay attention to when uploading a photo to your site. The dimension is the first size you should worry about and represents the width and height in pixels. Similar to the frame analogy, for example, the different areas of your web page, like a background, photo gallery, a blog photo are constructed to hold images of a particular dimension. In this case, you should follow this rule and upload images that are sized to that specific pixel dimension. With the new responsive design, now your photos can change the shape and size depending on the screen size.


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