One of the most popular ways to make money from blogging is featuring sponsored posts. But, not everyone is willing to talk about this topic. In the case, the primary goal is to get a link from your blog to a client. Sponsored posts are also one of the most effective ways to earn money and there a couple of reasons for that: a lot of people are looking to buy sponsored posts, it doesn’t require too much work and can pay off very well. But, this process also has some drawbacks: if you are being paid and you don’t mark the link as nofollow, then you can get in trouble with Google and sometimes it’s hard to connect with clients.

The types of sponsored posts

There are two types of sponsored posts, and they depend on your clients’ needs. They could require:

Access to your audience, for instance, the client may want a sponsored post, where you will promote his company to review his products.

A link on your site. The client doesn’t care about your blog posts and things you are writing about, as long as the link fits naturally in the content.

In some cases, clients may be interested in both things.

How can you make your blog appealing to clients?

For clients who are looking for a link on your blog, the following features are essential:

Sponsored postThe domain of your blog – if your domain authority is over 30, then you will have more opportunities. If it’s lower, then you can always find new ways to make it higher it.

Your blog is up to date – you don’t have to publish every day, but your content should be fresh. For example, once in two weeks should be enough, but if you want excellent results, then you should focus on your content more.

Your blog is professional – the blog doesn’t have to resemble the professional company, to look professional. For instance, it should load in reasonable timeframe, not covered in ads and be easy to manage and navigate.

How to find clients?

This is a tricky part, and we would say the most demanding one, but there are a couple of ways that can help you acquire new clients. For apparent reasons, bloggers are very hesitant to share their information on the web, but you can always share contacts with other bloggers, have a “work with me” page and use some sites to connect with potential clients. Bloggers can buy a list of contacts and the best part about buying a list is that you only have to sell a couple of sponsored posts to earn your money back. After that, it is all profit.