In the last couple of years, Google has stepped up his game, and site owners now have to be very careful, if they want to achieve excellent results. Somehow, we focused more on SEO and neglected some essential features that help our website function. In this case, every site owner should go through his database to get rid of the dead weight. You would be surprised who this simple action can boost up your web page and make it more productive. So, here are a couple of reasons why you should delete the old drafts.

It will help you prioritize your marketing tactics

This step will help you deiced what’s essential and what needs to go. For example, od you want to re-engage the old leads before they become too stale, or do you want to focus more on new ones. Do you have to register the leads? In this case, you might want to start with those that haven’t been registered and then start with those that are expired or are expiring soon. Don’t be afraid to make a change, if you stick to old patterns, then you may as well end up being outdated, and visitors will stop making traffic.

Stop wasting time on old leads

When you are going through old drafts, you may find some niches that aren’t popular today or don’t attract a lot of attention. Maybe at some point, they caused a lot of hype, but that’s not the case now. In this case, you should find new content for your site that will generate new leads and make a conversion. We aren’t saying you should delete everything, just posts that are useless and that slow down the loading time of your website. You should know that loading time is an essential feature and it should be less than a second.

If it’s drafted, then delete it

website draft deleteMany people like to keep drafts for some unknown reason. If you haven’t published the post, then it’s something wrong with it. So, there is no reason for keeping it. If you aren’t sure whether you want to delete it permanently or keep it, then go through your post one more time and weight the pros and cons. Don’t leave it to hang there for a long time. You will forget about it, and you will accumulate more drafts over the time, which can significantly increase the loading time.

It will increase productivity

Once you have a clean database; your work will be more organized, and you will be able to focus on more important content. Without old drafts dragging you down, you can relax and think about new things that you are going to write. Even though, the SEO is an important feature, so is your loading time. If visitors wait too long to enter your site, then they will lose interest, which means your traffic will suffer. You should work on your productivity, instead of keeping the old drafts.