Food photography is trendy nowadays, and many site and blogs feature this type of posts. However, not everyone can make a good photo. No matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to deliver the delicious look of the food, if you don’t use the appropriate techniques. In this case, lighting plays a significant role in this process. It might take you some time to understand how it works, but, once you figure out, you will create stunning photos. Here are a couple of ideas which can help you in this creative process.

Used diffused window lighting

In most cases, direct sunlight is too harsh and can’t deliver excellent results. So, if you are taking a photo of food on a sunny day, then it’s better if you could diffuse it. You should have the window at your side or behind the food. You can also add a couple of modifications to get better photos. For example, you can use a sheer white curtain to diffuse the intense rays of the sun coming through a window. Or, you can install parchment paper to decrease the intensity of the light. Shutting all other sources of light in the area is essential. Otherwise, you will have mixed lighting. Make sure to set up white reflector opposite of the window, to bring back some details if needed. Mirrors and tin foil can add some stunning highlight to the food.

Pay attention to the angle

Food photographyAs you adjust the angle, you will notice how shadows can affect your photo. To avoid further complications, you should position the food first, then move around to find the best angle for your image. The next step should be diffusing the light, adding reflectors and mirrors. For extra variety, you can shoot handheld because it allows you to experiment with different angles.

On the other hand, if you aren’t skilled at shooting pictures handheld, you can always use a tripod. It will provide you extra stability, and you won’t have to worry whether your photos will be blurry. Just make sure to make a couple of test images before you proceed further.

Get close

This is an excellent idea for photographers, and you should try to get close to your food. In this way, the final photo will remind the viewers how the dish would look like, just before they dive in. Also, you can capture the beauty of every meal if you decide to get close. Details are significant and people who are reading your blog or website, want to see everything. If your meal looks stunning in person, then close up approach will only make it even better.